2013 8 August

TO                           :               ALL PARENTS

DATE                      :               29 July 2013

SUBJECT               :               Circular to parents

CIRCULAR NO.    :               AUGUST 2013


1.0          Blessing and Official Opening of New Building, St. Joseph’s Private School, Kuching.

1.1          The Board of Directors, St. Joseph’s Private School Management Berhad cordially invite all parents to the celebration of the Holy Eucharist at 8.15 a.m. presided by the Apostolic Nuncio to Malaysia, Archbishop Joseph Marino followed by the official opening of the new building of St. Joseph’s Private School at Jalan Nagor, Kuching at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday 24 August 2013 by the Honourable Chief Minister of Sarawak YAB Pehin Sri Haji Abdul Taib Mahmud.

1.2          The details of the programme are as follow:

8:00 a.m. Students and Teachers to assemble
8:15 a.m. Arrival of parents & guests
8:30 a.m Mass and blessing of new building by Apostolic Nuncio to Malaysia, Archbishop Joseph Marino
10:20 a.m Arrival of the Honourable Chief Minister of Sarawak,

YAB Pehin Sri Hj Abdul Taib Mahmud

10:30 a.m. National Anthem
State Anthem
Opening prayer by School Chaplain, Rev Fr. Stephen Lim
Welcome address by the Chairman, Board of Directors,

St. Joseph’s Private School Management Berhad,

Tan Sri Datuk Amar Leo Moggie

Speech by Archbishop of Kuching, Archbishop Dato John Ha
Address by the Chief Minister of Sarawak,

YAB Pehin Sri Hj Abdul Taib Mahmud

Official Opening of  the new building of St. Joseph’s Private School
Presentation of Souvenirs
The School Rally
11:30 a.m. Tour  of School Building & Exhibitions
12:30 p.m. Departure of the Chief Minister of Sarawak & Apostolic Nuncio to Malaysia


2.0          St. Joseph’s Private School Magazine – 2013

The St. Joseph’s Private School Magazine – “VIA SAPIENTIAE” (Way of Wisdom) is being printed and should be ready for distribution on 20 August 2013. We encourage each family to show your support by buying a copy at the cost of RM20.00. Parents who have placed advertisements in the magazine will be given complimentary copies of the magazines.

Please arrange to pay for the cost of the magazine through the class teachers of your eldest child before Friday 2 August 2013. Thank you for your support and co-operation.


3.0          Order of Textbooks/ Workbooks for 2014

3.1          The lists of textbooks/ workbooks for use of your child in 2014 will be given to your child on 19 August 2013.

3.2          You are to indicate with a tick ( √ ) if you wish us to order the books as indicated and a cross ( X ) if you do not wish to order the particular books.

3.3          Please ensure that the order forms are completed and returned to the class teacher by Friday 30 August 2013.

3.4          The order lists will be sent to the supplier by mid-September.  We regret that any late submission of the order form cannot be entertained.

3.5          The books will be delivered on the first day of school in 2014.

3.6          Students are to initial in the forms for each of the books received.

3.7          When all the books have been received, parents will be charged for the books, possibly in February/ March 2014.

3.8          We hope that the above arrangements will minimize inconveniences for parents.


4.0          Parish Sales and Fair

4.1          St. Joseph’s Cathedral Parish had its Sales and Fair on 30 June 2013. Teachers and students of St. Joseph’s Private School pitched their efforts towards the sales and they managed to make a profit of RM13,303.35

4.2          Our sincere thanks and appreciation to all parents, students and teachers who have contributed to the success of the Parish Sales and Fair. A big “THANK YOU” to the parents and students who donated tin stuff and soft drinks for the sales.


5.0          School  Report Cards

5.1          Report cards for the Second School Examination will be issued to students on Monday 5 August 2013.

5.2          All report cards must be signed by the parents and returned to the class teachers by Monday 19 August 2013.


6.0          Parents – Teachers Interview (PTI) – (for Secondary Students only)

6.1          The second and final Parents-Teachers Interviews (PTI) for the year 2013 is scheduled on

27 (Tuesday) and 28 (Wednesday) August 2013.

6.2          Teachers will normally contact parents with whom they wish to discuss matters on the first day.  Parents may make appointments to meet teachers on the second day.

6.3          Parents who wish to discuss the progress of their children with teachers (on 28 August) may call the secretary Ms. Nancy Ong, Tel. 414575 to make an appointment.

6.4          Parents are encouraged at other times to liaise with the class teachers concerning the studies, conduct, attendance and welfare of their children, but please make an appointment with the secretary for this.


7.0          Hari Raya Aidil Fitri Holidays and Second Semester Break

7.1          The school will be closed for the Hari Raya Aidil Fitri Holidays and Second Semester Break from Wednesday, 7 August to Sunday, 18 August 2013.

7.2          Classes will resume for the second half of the second semester on Monday, 19 August 2013. All students must be present in school on the first day.  The term will finish on Friday, 15 November 2013.

7.3          We take this opportunity to wish all our Muslim parents and students “Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri”.



8.0          Bahasa Malaysia Essay Competition

8.1          The results of the Bahasa Malaysia Essay Completion 2013 are as follow:

Form One   Form Two  
1st Prize: Myrra Jane Siong (F1A) 1st Prize: Hendrix Travers Aloi (F2A)
2nd Prize: Emmelanie ak Johnny (F1C) 2nd Prize: Joshua Tami Dickson (F2A)
3rd Prize: Germaine Cassandra (F1A) 3rd Prize: Amelia Chin Pei Wen (F2A)
Consolation: Jane Ting (F1A) Consolation: Nathan Ho Tze Min (F2A)


9.0          Outstanding Achievements

Our congratulations to the following students:

  • Sarawak Open Taekwondo ITF Championship 22-23 June 2013
  • Sebastian Tharan ak Telingai (F2A) – Silver (Individual Sparring, Black Belt Open)
  • Dave Santang (F2B) – Gold (Individual Sparring, Open), Bronze (Pattern, Open), Bronze (Individual Sparring, Open, Black Belt 2nd Degree), Bronze (Open Team Sparring)
  • Lucas Lei Han Yew (F2C) – Gold (Individual Sparring, Yellow to Green Belt)
  • Zachary Aw Zheng Quan (F2A) – Bronze (Open Team Sparring)
  • Alex Then Yih Wei (F2C) – Bronze (Open Team Sparring)
  • Bandar Kuching Taekwondo Club TM/WTF
  • Alex Then Yih Wei (F2C) won Gold in the Boys C Welter in the Sparring Competition held on 30 June 2013 at Lodge School Hall.
  • Persatuan Tenis Bumiputera Sarawak (PTBS)
  • Mark Leong Wei Yang (F1B) – Bronze in the Junior Age Group Tennis Tournament 2013 held at PTBS Complex, Kuching on 29-30 June 2013


10.0        Important Dates

05.08.2013           Monday               –              Report Cards Day

07.08.2013           Wednesday        –              Second Semester Break until 18.08.2013

08.08.2013           Thursday             –              Hari Raya Aidil Fitri

09.08.2013           Friday                    –              Hari Raya Aidil Fitri

15.08.2013           Thursday             –              Feast of Assumption

Holy Day of Obligation

19.08.2013           Monday               –              Fourth Term Resumes

24.08.2013           Saturday              –              Blessing and official opening of new building of St. Joseph’s

Private School

27.08.2013           Tuesday               –              Teacher-Parent Interview

28.08.2013           Wednesday        –              Parent-Teacher Interview

30.08.2013           Friday                                    Textbook order 2014 to be returned

31.08.2013           Saturday              –              Hari Kebangsaan (Public Holiday)



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